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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 10 at Hippocrates


Today we had a check-in for our weight and blood pressure.  So let's compare:

October 8:
Blood Pressure: 128/80
Weight: 173

October 16:
Blood Pressure: 124/84
Weight: 168

I also tried Pilates for the first time today and loved it!

The special treat was an evening lecture, Enzymology by Viktoras Kulvinskas (pictured below). He spoke for nearly two hours solid without stopping. The man is beyond brilliant. He basically spoke about the importance of enzymes for life (systemic and digestive). I tried to take notes, but he spoke in such a rapid-fire manner, it was next to impossible to keep up. I recorded it on my i-phone, but I haven't listened to it yet (hopefully I was successful in recording it).

Not much else to write about that I can think of, just went to a couple more classes including Organic Awareness and Growing Living Foods and a couple of vendor presentations including H Wave Therapy and Stem Cell Stimulation.

Since I have a little time this evening, I'm going to list all of the therapies I've had which are included in the Life Transformation Program:

Colonic: Colon hydrotherapy is a safe and painless treatment to remove debris and toxic waste build-up in the intestines, using only filtered water and disposable materials. A clean colon promotes overall good health.

H-Wave Therapy: It is the only device recognized by the FDA as an anesthesia device. H-Wave gently and comfortably helps to remove the source or cause of pain for long-term pain relief. It helps to increase the circulation and assists lymphatic drainage which promotes homeostasis - the fundamental basis of all healthy living tissue and healing.

Ondamed Biofeedback Treatment: Electromagnetic frequency device that offers a high specific biophysical analysis and application based on electromagnetic inductivity. Benefits include improvement in chronic pain, improved blood circulation, activation of lymphatic drainage, increased cellular repair and regeneration, body balancing, stimulation of detox and release of toxins and inflammation.

Therapeutic Swedish Massage: Helps relieve everyday tension and stress by promoting the relaxation of tense, right and often sore muscles. It stimulates blood circulation and promotes elimination of toxins.

Viofor: Electromagnetic therapy which improves the way your body functions. It makes the biological process more effective, enhances circulation of your blood to all parts of the body, increases oxygenation of tissues to fight infection and strengthen your immune system.

Theragem: FDA approved Light Therapy System that supports the regenerative and re-balancing processes of the body. It also stimulates microcirculation, which speeds the healing process, the production of collagen, tissue projection and granulation for healing of ulcers, wound and inflammatory conditions. It stimulates the natural immune responses and lymphatic drainage of the body, supplying energy to stimulate the increase of RNA and DNA.

MRS 2000: Magnetic Resonance Stimulation is electromagnetic therapy for improving metabolism, circulation, melatonin production, and metabolic system. MRS 2000 is beneficial for stimulation of bone cartilage, nerve recuperation, wound healing and alleviation of pain.

MLD Bed: Manual Lymphatic Drainage bed simulates how the lymphatic system moves throughout the body. The gentle rocking motion assists the lymph in moving sluggish, stagnant fluids through the system for elimination. The effect of the increased circulation enhances the feeling of overall health.

Turbosonic: Uses sonic whole body vibration therapy giving you a stronger body in 10 minutes. It is also an excellent way to boost your metabolism, stimulates cells, rejuvenates muscles and dissolves cellulite.

Laser Q 1000: This laser is a hand-held state of the art laser device that offers attachments that can be applied to specific areas of concern. This dynamic and strong FDA approved technology helps to change the negative patters of physical disorder by activating biochemical and anatomical order.

Laser L3 Electronics: Creates low level light enhancement generally used for whole body balancing and healing. When calibrated, it specifically works on soft tissue like muscles, ligaments, and tendons as well as all of the organ systems. On another setting, it assists hard tissue, skeletal, including teeth. Set on an even higher frequency, it provokes the body to neutralize toxic heavy metals and chemicals. In addition, by stimulating the immune system, it helps to reduce microbial activity.

Except for the Colonic and Ondamed Biofeedback Treatment, one of each of the treatments included for each week of the stay. The Colonic and Ondamed are just one for the entire stay.

The only one I'm not allowed to have is the Turbosonic treatment, due to my previous brain surgery. Too bad because it's supposed to help with cellulite. Oh well.

Do I think they're working? I'm sure that they must be - I can honestly say while not 100%, I feel vastly better than I did before I got here.

The hot flashes do still plague me, but I do notice they're less intense than they were and perhaps a little less frequent. Nails are still doing great, vision seems clearer and energy is very much improved.

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