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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 11 at Hippocrates


Wednesdays are fasting days here if you choose to participate, so I just consumed liquids all day. Wheatgrass shot in the morning. Green juices and water throughout the day and a delicious blended green soup for dinner. Last Wednesday, I did the fast and didn't feel hungry at all. This week I was hungry, but not uncomfortably so. I would say it was more that I missed the delicious food more than anything because the food is truly wonderful here - I love it. But I feel good for successfully getting through the day without eating.

Today, Brian Clement (above) gave a lecture called "Fasting on Liquid Nourishment". He recommends doing a juice fast one day a week (he does it for two days a week). He covered a lot of information and I haven't sorted out my notes yet so I won't go into much here except for one important takeaway: You with purpose will save your life. You must have a purpose. Without that, you will die. If you have a terminal illness, no matter how much healthy (Hippocrates) food you eat, you will die if you don't have a purpose. Fear, anger, hostility and hatred are a major part of disease.

When I get home and sort through my notes, I hope to someday be able to post some of the good info here.

Later in the day, Anna Maria Clement (pictured above, left, along with a very happy me) gave a lecture on Ancient and Current Self Help Techniques. Lots of good info on how to treat various things such as earaches, wounds, tumors, headaches, detoxification, rejuvenation, etc. Again, so much info that I don't have time (or battery power) to type at the moment, but will do so at a later date.

The evening lecture was about facial acupressure and the importance of exfoliating the skin, the entire body not just the face. As we get older, our skin doesn't shed the dead layers of skin so it accumulates and prevents the new skin from breathing properly. A daily skin brushing ritual helps with that and with stimulating the lymph which can't pump itself so relies on skin brushing to help. What everyone has been taught is to brush from the soles of the feet UP to the heart, from the arms to the heart, etc. But we learned that it's actually better brush toward the areas that contain lymph glands. So, for instance, start on the thigh about 3-4 inches from the groin area and brush up. Go down toward the knee and brush up. Go down to mid shin/calf, brush up, ankles/feet and brush up. Same idea for the upper body, this time brushing toward the lymph glands located in the arm pit area. There's nothing wrong with the dry skin brushing routine that most everyone knows, it's just easier to tell people to brush towards the heart, but to help the lymph do its job, it's better to brush toward the lymph gland areas.

Of course, do not use chemicals on your skin, like parabens, petrochemicals, or anything that you can't pronounce or wouldn't put in your mouth. The skin will absorb any impure substances that you put on it, so use only organic, pure products on it. That goes without saying.

On another note, I sat with a couple of people today who had been here before. One person in particular has been here 4-5 times. Now, this place isn't cheap. Far from it. So not only was I a little jealous, but then I was a little taken aback when they both said that right about now we should be feeling like we've had enough of this place now that we're about halfway through the 3-week program, and that we should be tired of the food, tired of the routine, feeling like we are ready to go home by now. They both said this.Yeah, not on my planet. I'm already trying to hold back the thoughts that have already been creeping into my consciousness that this is not going to last forever and that someday all too soon, I'm going to have to drive to that place where I earn a paycheck and climb those stairs to my cubicle and return to the dreaded dreariness that is my job. Just the vague thought of it has brought me to tears here, so I keep pushing the thought aside. So for these people to have the gobs of money required to do this program over and over again and then bash it in a sense... I don't know. I just don't get it.

On a happy note, I got the results of my DEXA (bone density) scan back and my results were very good, in fact slightly above, other women in my age group.

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