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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 12 at Hippocrates


More Pilates today. I really enjoy it and plan to use some of the Pilates DVDs I have back home that have been gathering dust!

Another great lecture by Brian Clement today, Principles of Health. Unfortunately I had to cut this one short, because I had a doc appointment to go over the results of a more extensive, blood/hormone test I opted to get. As I suspected, my Vitamin D3 levels are way down which offers no protection against cancer. I was taking about 5000IU a day back home but haven't really taken them for a few weeks. He found that my blood is viscous (not good) and that C-reactive protein is rather high indicating inflammation throughout the body which puts me at risk of cardiovascular disease. He also found low progesterone and low estradiol levels among a few other things. The doc recommended assorted IV therapies to get me back on track to the tune of lots of $$$$.  I mean, like $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. As much as I trust his advice and would dearly love to do this, I already spent a ton of moolah to get here in the first place and I just can't do it unfortunately. So he gave me a list of supplements  to take which I'll get tomorrow and see if I can't fix the problems that way first. I'm also supposed to rebound 25 minutes a day, every day. He made a point of that.

OK so that news didn't make me happy. I left there feeling very sad and scared. All the more reason to stick to the plan when I get back home.

On a happier note, there was another Kitchen Techniques class today and Chef Ken showed us how to make the Nut Meatloaf we had earlier this week which was out of this world. And Chef Renate made a really, really delicious "Better than Tuna" recipe that was really, really delicious. Yes, I meant to say that twice!

I would post the recipes, but I'm just about out of battery power, so I'm gonna have to call it a night. I'll post them when I can.

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