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Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 13 at Hippocrates


HAHA! The most amazing thing I noticed upon waking this morning is that I actually slept the entire night without being awakened by a hot flash! When I looked at the thermometer, the temperature in the room was 66 degrees!  But still, no matter how cold a room is, if I have a hot flash, I'm still gonna sweat my balls off (yeah, I know, bad habit - listen, I never said I attended charm school). It's been YEARS since I've been able to sleep an entire night without being awakened by a hot flash (or night sweats) so that put me in a better mood than I was when I went to sleep last night - I was so worried and upset about the results of my hormone blood work, increased risk of heart disease and finances.

Anyway, I've been having some weird dreams lately. I can't remember most of them, but the one I recall vividly had to do with my job. In my dream, the building where I work was located  right near the ocean (hmmm, if that really would be the case, I might be ever so slightly tempted to stay so I could take walks near the ocean and get all the wonderful healing from the negative ions)! But anyway, back to my dream... so the building was located oceanside and there were tsunami-like waves heading our way. When they hit the building, it was kind of like an Irwin Allen disaster movie. Waves crashing against the building getting higher and stronger with each wave, over and over again until finally the windows shattered and the entire building flooded and the waves took people out to sea and demolished the building. Of course, I survived and I ran for my life. When I was finally in a safe place, I turned around to survey the damage and there was nothing left of the building or any people. Nothing but beautiful shore. I'll have to look up the meaning of this dream, although it's rather self-explanatory, don't you think? Oh well, one can dream, can't they?

Anyway, on the way back from the Hacienda building last night which is where I'm able to get internet access, I stopped into the Juice building to make my wheatgrass for the night and another guest came in. It was late, but we ended up talking for 45 minutes and shared some really good, relevant information. I really have met some really wonderful people here. I came here thinking I'd had enough of people and I just wanted to be left alone to heal myself and my soul. I intended to go to classes, treatments and lectures and then just hang out alone in my room in my own little bubble. But I have to say the friends I have made here have enriched my soul as much as, or perhaps even more than, anything we have learned here. The same goes for many of the staff here. They care. And they're so darned NICE. And HAPPY. I've talked to a lot of the employees here about their jobs and they love what they do. And it shows. Several of them said that I should consider applying for a position here. Are you kidding me? If it wasn't so darned humid, I would say hasta la vista to my job back home in a heartbeat.

So, I attended a Journaling class this morning. It was a very small class - just me and another lady. Like all the other classes I've attended, I got some good tips, like on a daily basis, you should make a list in your journal of everything you're grateful for. Kinda smart. But one part of the exercise left me bawling so hard, I couldn't even speak. We had to write a letter - it could be to a person, deceased or living, or to a pet, or whatever/whomever you wanted to direct this letter to. I of course, chose my pet, Peanut who passed away in 2007. I loved that cat more than life itself, more than I've loved anything or anyone ever. My letter basically thanked her for picking us to be her friends and caretakers and for loving and trusting us unconditionally. My life was made all that much better by her having been in it. There's not a single day that goes by without thinking about her. Anyway, we were supposed to read the letter out loud and I was crying so hard that I couldn't speak. That was a tough ordeal to go through this morning. Note to self: no more journaling classes!

But as the day wore on, I realized that I was not having the hourly hot flashes I've been experiencing for several years! I mean, I have at least 1 an hour, sometimes 2 every single hour, all day and all night. It's been so bad that I, Miss Non-Medicine was contemplating taking some sort of hormone therapy (I wouldn't have, but the thought of not having these darn hot flashes made it tempting). I still had a few really bad ones today, but only like 4 all day and a few that were so light that I didn't even break a sweat. That alone, for me was a welcome relief. It was a really hot, humid day here again, but I went for a walk and am still feeling pretty darn good. I was going to post those recipes I mentioned in yesterday's blog, but I left the recipes in my room. I think tomorrow's going to be a light day, so maybe I'll post them tomorrow. We had the Better Than Tuna recipe for lunch today and it was beyond delicious. I'm so proud of myself - even though the food is really, really delicious, I have been excellent at just eating one serving and not going up for seconds. Yes, my plate is piled quite high, but it's mostly the sprouts and then just a little bit of the "entrees". I mean, when they had raw pizza last week, the sign said 2 pieces per person, but I just took one piece and I was satisfied. I've been known to go back for seconds and thirds and still be starving while my boyfriend is still on his first serving. Yeah, and then I would wonder why I couldn't lose weight!

I gotta say, I have no idea what is going on news-wise. I heard something about an earthquake in Maine a couple of days ago, but I honestly have no idea of what is going on in the world outside of here and it doesn't bother me in the least. Although I am still missing my nightly King of Queens show.

Today, I finally got brave enough to ask Viktoras Kulvinskas for a picture!

He is so sweet, gracious and down-to-earth, I don't know why I was so terrified to ask! How lucky am I that I happen to be here at Hippocrates while he's here too??

And then, I got even braver and asked Brian Clement for a picture. Jeepers, go me!

Brilliant man, if only he would run for president; president of the world, not just the U.S. The world would be a much better place to live, I can promise you that.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna call it a night and I'll hopefully be back here tomorrow with some nice raw recipes!

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