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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 4 at Hippocrates


Oh yes I did.

Read further at your own risk!

Part of the routine here is to do a water enema and 2 wheatgrass implants. And yep, I did my first ever enema and wheatgrass implants today. It's actually not that bad. In fact, you do feel pretty good after and I myself felt a small sense of accomplishment for doing something I knew was good for me, but not doing it because I didn't know how and was terrified of the process. I have all the stuff at home, but just couldn't get past the fear. Another gold star for me - the first MAJOR gold star was getting on that plane!! I was the same way with my pressure cooker - bought one and there it sat in my cabinet for the longest time because I was afraid to use it. I read the instructions a million times but just couldn't get past the fear. Finally, one day I made up my mind to do it and it was fine - done deal. You just gotta put your mind to it and do it.

So today was an amazing day as Dr. Brian Clement conducted a Q&A with the group. He is a genius in my opinion. He researches everything and knows what he's talking about and is strong in his convictions. He's been at this for 51 years and is constantly learning what's new and better. I love his concern for not only the health of people but for the health of the planet as well  -the government, big pharma and conglomerations have so much control over everything, it's crazy. The insane manner in which we're destroying our environment along with species of animals and plants is disturbing. I really do believe that animals have more innate intelligence than humans. They are the smart ones in my opinion. But anyway, it was a great session and so many topics were covered:

People need to be aware that airport x-ray machines are incredibly bad for us. You should always opt for a pat-down instead. I also recently heard that dental x-rays have been found to cause brain tumors.

He also talked about water, the best type being distilled. The favorite brands that he mentioned are Smart Water, Fiji and Volvic.

No one in my family believes me when I say microwaves are dangers. Yes, they are.

If you have a wireless router in your home, it's best to unplug it at night. I'm also going to look into Scalar technology to protect my house from EMFs. Recently the public utility came to my townhouse to install a smart meter in the basement so the guy can just take a reading without getting out of his truck. I told him I didn't want it in my house and he told me that I "didn't have a choice." Can you imagine? It's insane.

And people need to know that cell phones are dangerous and Blue Tooth headpieces are even worse. I ordered one for a boss that I didn't particularly like but unfortunately he was aware of the danger and didn't want it. Oh well.

But seriously, if you need to use a cell phone, don't hold it to your head.  Rather, use the speaker and hold it away from you. There have been increases in cancer located in the pelvic area of men who carry cell phones in their pockets; likewise, women who place them in their bra to carry around have been getting cancer more frequently in that region. There are studies that have found cell phone use increases brain cancer. Our government is withholding the fact that cell phone use causes cancer.

After Brian's lecture, I had a consultation with Dr. Anna Maria Clement - she is purely lovely and so knowledgeable and kind. What these two people have created here is simply amazing. If only the world had more people like the Drs. Clement!

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