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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 6 at Hippocrates


Oh yes, I double did.

OK, another read at your own risk disclaimer here!

OK the day I've been dreading yet anticipating ever since I arranged this trip:  colon hydrotherapy.

Today was one of the easier days - I didn't go to any lectures but I had treatments just about all day. Lymph drainage and chi foot bath. Then a full body massage - wife of Chef Ken - Pam is a lovely lady. Then (doomsday music here) the colon hydrotherapy appointment...

Um, so it hurt and it was uncomfortable (for me since my body had a lot of gas due to candida and lack of or low beneficial bacteria - working on that here). It wasn't as embarrassing as I was afraid of and again, if I can go through brain surgery (and flying), I can pretty much do anything now. Lynn was knowledgeable and caring and in the end (ba-da-pum), I left feeling better than when I went in. It's something I would prefer not to do again, but the benefits are many so I surely will. Well, I would say no stone unturned now.

No change in weight since I weighed in on Monday - 173, but as I mentioned that was still 4 pounds less than when I left home.

No food cravings to speak of yet. In fact, I'm loving all the food here. Today's special was Raw Pizza and it was unbelievably good. The recipe was given to us in yesterday's Kitchen Techniques class so if anyone is interested, leave a comment or email me. I don't always have internet access here, but when I'm able to I'll type it up and send it whenever I can.

My pain has virtually dropped from 15 on a scale of 1-10 (yes) to maybe 1, sometimes a 2 if I've stood in one place for too long without moving/stretching.

The biggest thing here, I will repeat, is that everyone is happy and pleasant. And everyone greets each other. Even people with serious illnesses - if they're too weak to speak, at least they smile at you. BI/Corporate world, take a hint here - it doesn't take much to say Hi to someone. Peace.

Another thing I've noticed is that my friends here seem to have come to life. Where Sunday-Monday-Tuesday, we were kind of off, not feeling well, pale, maybe detoxing, today, everyone seems to have a radiant energy thing starting (me included), and it's an incredible and amazing thing to see.

So tonight was movie night - it's the only way we get to watch TV around here - to watch a pre-selected DVD. We watched "What in the World Are They Spraying?". It was an eye opener about the chemtrails in the sky (vs. airplane contrails). I highly recommend watching it and spreading the word, so people become aware. Just Google "owning the weather" too.

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