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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 8 at Hippocrates


One incredibly, amazing week has gone by.

Today was Beach Excursion Day.

In the morning I walked 3 laps on one side of the campus and took some pictures.

Then around 11:30, we took a bus ride to a local raw vegan restaurant called Darbster.  They aren't strictly raw, but they did offer 3 raw living entrees on the menu. I split a Raw Cheezburger with a friend and it was quite nice.

Then we went to a health food store called Nutrition Smart and had a member of Hippocrates lead us on a store tour to know what to avoid and what to get when shopping once we leave here. This was not too informative for me, but again, every now and then you learn a little tidbit I suppose. So Hippocrates does recommend some foods when you get back home provided they are an occasional treat and not an everyday thing, keeping in mind the 80/20 (80 percent raw, 20 percent cooked). For instance, Sunshine Garden burgers in the frozen section is OK; some of Amy's frozen entrees are OK (just read labels).

Agave is not recommended at all.

Bee Pollen is recommended unless you are vegan and prefer not to consume it.

Anyway, the trip was fun. I bought a book that looked good "Transitioning to Living Raw Cuisine" by Rene Oswald. That was it.

Then on to the beach. Ocean Reef Park in Palm Beach. I loved it. It was overcast (I never claimed to be normal) and the waves were strong and consistent, but some sun peeked through at times. I don't know, between the gray sky, the wind and the waves, I could've stayed there all afternoon, but alas, the lifeguard called people out so we left after a short while. The highlight was watching a baby turtle make its way into the ocean.

Cutest little thing I ever saw! He kept trying and trying to get into the ocean, but the wave would take him and then bring him right back. He finally made it in thanks to a friend that guided him in on a piece of algae. We all cheered the little guy on and wished him well!

Back at Hippocrates, another wonderful dinner and finally some time to catch up on my posts!

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