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Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 9 at Hippocrates


I attended a yoga class for the first time ever and did OK. I got a little tired after the first Sun Salutation, but after the first one, I sat it out while the group did the asanas 6 more times and I joined back in once they were done. Hey, I tried it. Viktoras was in the class and it was amazing beyond belief to see him do the Plow Pose. He folded so tight he looked like a clam shell.

Then there was a class called Taking It All Home most of which I do anyway such as using glass Mason jars to store nuts and seeds and how to equip your raw kitchen most of which I have also with the exception of a dehydrator and a couple of Easy Sprout sprouter kits. But as always, there's always a fun new tidbit to learn. We learned how to estimate how much sprouts are needed for weekly usage which will come in handy. So for instance, to plan to order enough sprouts for the Hippocrates green juice which consists of 50% sunflower sprouts and pea sprouts and 50% cucumber juice and celery juice, for a single person, you would need to plan on ordering 3 1/2 pounds of each sunflower sprouts and pea sprouts.

And then of course, sprouts are a big part of lunch and dinner, so you need to plan extra for that as well. So that brings the total up to 7 pounds of each sprout required for one person per week. I don't have my notes with me now, and I'm too tired to think, but I'm pretty sure that was the ratio. We eat a lot of sprouts around here!

At the end of the class, we had a raffle and I won! I won a bottle of stevia! I felt so lucky like the time I took a random trip up to Becket, Massachusetts by myself to attend an open house at the Kushi Institute. I won a free brunch for two, but haven't had an opportunity to use it. I wonder if it's still good. Anyway, it was fun to win!

Today there were a lot of new faces around since a new group of people arrived yesterday. They seem alright but different than the great group of people I arrived. I mean, for instance on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, you get to have 2 oz of Blue Green Algae to add to your 10:00AM green drink. They tell you this in orientation, they tell you when you have your consultation with your nurse and it's clearly and largely written on the pitcher:  2 ounces Blue Green Algae only. So one of the new guys filled his 8 ounce glass clear up to the top. One of his fellow newbies said 'Stop! Don't drink that much, you're only supposed to have 2 ounces!' With that, the cup filler proceeded to open the top of the pitcher and pour most of the Blue Green Algae back in the pitcher. I have no idea whether or not he had already drank from that cup, so no Blue Green Algae for me today and it's too bad because it's part of my "prescription". Oh well.

I guess we'll get used to them. It's like when I went to the Kushi Institute - Level 1 takes a month to complete, but you can break down by week increments. Unfortunately, work wouldn't allow me to take the full month off, so I went for two weeks in the winter and two weeks later in the year. My first, original group was the best - friends I have to this day. The second group, I only keep in touch with one lovely girl. Same thing here, you get used to the people who have all been in this since day 1 with you.

I had a complimentary H-Wave treatment today and I had an acupuncture treatment later in the day. I can honestly say that for a portion of the day, I had NO pain in my ankles although, later in the day I walked for about an hour and after that felt a little achy, but it's really humid again today and that sometimes makes me not feel so good. But nails are hard and growing fast! And my vision seems clearer. And I feel more sensitive when touching things.

By the way, the H-Wave treatment I mentioned about uses a form of electrical stimulation and is mainly used in the management of pain. I'm not sure what other uses it's good for, but I have a class tomorrow so I'll find out more.

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